The Challenge of Photography

All while I was debating whether or not to start another blog, one of the biggest things I was worried about was my photography. Let me tell you, I cannot make a picture look good if I tried. If you’ve read this blog for more than 3 seconds, you know that travel is HUGE on my radar, and I wanted this blog to really reflect that. And for now I would focus on honing my skills in Philadelphia.

Step One: Start taking my camera with me everywhere and just. Take. Pictures!

Philadelphia Alley

Alleyway I thought was pretty. Not as awesome in my picture. But still.

Red Building

I appreciated the color of this building.

Hanging Plants

I thought all of these hanging plants were so cool!

I Wish

This was my absolute favorite. I wish!

Well. I’m all amped up with no clue as to where to go from here. My parents have mentioned a camera being an excellent Christmas present, but I don’t want to get one on the fancier side if I don’t use my camera as it is. That is not something to waste.

That’s where you all imaginary readers come in! Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get better at this photography stuff? I’d love to do the places I visit some sort of justice. Food, sights, people, everything. Any guides or anything like that you would suggest?


Help me out! Pretty please!

How are your photography skills?


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