Disney Anniversary

I have a way to make life more exciting. Granted, I can’t take all the credit for it. And it’s not exactly new, per se. But it rocks and it definitely makes life more exciting. Simple solution: celebrate an anniversary. Of anything! For example, today is my two and a half year anniversary with Paul (of dating, let’s not get crazy). And so we’ll celebrate by making some delicious food and choosing something fun to do.

Two months ago, we just so happened to be in Disney World for Paul’s graduation trip. And since I’ve got this new thing about being a travel blogger, I’m going to tell you about our anniversary day dinner.

Bride Mouse Ears

The picture I sent to my dad to try and trick him that we got engaged. It didn’t work. Smart cookie.

We chose to go the Disney Dining Plan route this trip because we have a tendency of ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, even though we really REALLY want something else, because we’re budget obsessed money smart. We didn’t want to feel guilty for going on vacation. And so as soon as we decided to go dining plan, we also decided to go to Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian for our anniversary.


The sign! Hooray!

We chose to head here because of two main things.

  1. We could get a spot to see the fireworks show, Wishes, from our table. This was big because when I watch Wishes, it’s a feat if I don’t get teary-eyed from loving it too much. They also have a wraparound porch if you want a better view.
  2. 2 pound lobster. Paul and I love lobster. Maybe more than we love each other. It was bound to be a great evening.

Usually, Paul and I don’t buy drinks when we’re out. It’s that money thing again. But tonight was special, and so Paul got a fruity concoction and I enjoyed a white wine sangria. Because I’m not sophisticated enough to enjoy red wine.

Narcoossee's Drink

His lit up. We thought it was hilarious.

We spent a lazy three hour dinner there, fully enjoying our waiter. He was an expert lobster-lover from Maine, so we trusted his opinion greatly. Paul and I spent a good amount of time deciding which part of the lobster we liked most. The lobster also came with this delicious vanilla butter sauce for dipping that really took it over the top.

Narcoossee's Lobster

I’m drooling just looking at it. It also came with whipped potatoes and some broccolini.

Just before dessert we got to enjoy the fireworks. They turn the lights off and pump the music through the speakers of the restaurant. It was definitely a different way to see my favorite fireworks display. While sitting directly under the castle is preferred, munching on lobster (Do you munch? Should I say delicately enjoy?) is a VERY close second. We even got to see an engagement, which is always fun!

Narcoossee's Dessert

Dessert was almond crusted cheesecake for Paul and baked mousse for me!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this dinner. Beyond the usual Disney hospitality, our waiter was wonderful and the overall experience was just great. I highly recommend it, although I can’t speak for any of the food besides the lobster!


It looks empty because we were there so late! Dress from Tobi. It was 50% off for my first purchase!

Overall: 5/5 Star Experience

The only bad part about this is that our other month-iversaries will be nowhere near as exciting!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate a special occasion? We don’t usually go out to eat, and usually we’ll do something outdoors!


4 thoughts on “Disney Anniversary

    • Thanks! We certainly had a blast. I’m lucky enough to head down to Florida every couple of years because of a timeshare. But the downside is I don’t go many other places!

  1. firstly, i adore this new blog vibe you’ve got goin. happy to see you blogging again and about something so exciting. secondly, i am not even a huge lobster person but the lobster picture has me dying. along with the potatoes. they look SOOO whipped. you two looks adorable. i love your dress. isn’t tobi’s 50% off deal for first timers the best? i got a top from there with that deal and just love it. purple is a great color on you. love the happy face with the dessert too. also on all my cocktail adventures i’ve never ever seen a light up cocktail. you have stumbled upon a gem!

    • Ah, I cannot tell you how exciting it is to “get your approval.” Healthy living blogging was just not doing it for me anymore. And now I basically HAVE to travel and go on adventures for the sake of the blog…so it works! And HOORAY for Tobi! I could have gone crazy with that 50% off. So happy with the stuff they have.

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