Photo Journey: London

I’m sure the whole world by now has heard the news of William and Kate having a baby boy. The coverage on American TV is in heavy supply. Watching all of it is exciting, but it definitely has me wanderlusting away for the time where I was abroad. And so today I’m going to share some pictures of my trip to good old London.

Phone Booth

Had to do it! Who could blame me? Lost on our way to our friend’s apartment.

Peter Pan Statue

Cheesin’ it up at the Peter Pan statue.

Kensington Gardens

Lounging in Kensington Gardens. Who said London was gray in November?

Big Ben London

Checking out the Big Guy for ourselves. Big Ben!

Wicked West End

Before we saw Wicked, West End style.

Platform 9 3/4

Harry Potter approves.

London Olympics Countdown

Countdown to London Olympics in Trafalgar Square. With my love for all things Olympics, this is an awesome picture.

As you can see, posed pictures were a thing during our trip. One of the goals I have for my travel photography is to really delve into candids, as well as embrace the landscape. I’ve always been wary of landscape pictures because mine turn out awfully boring, but with practice I would hope that goes away!

Photography step 2: Capture the moments, not the poses.

London Eye

I promise I don’t only take pictures of people. London Eye in the evening!

Your Turn!

Have you ever been to London? It was a total whirlwind trip for me, but we definitely got lucky with the weather!

What do you photograph more often? People or places?


3 thoughts on “Photo Journey: London

  1. I love all your pictures of London! I went in high school, but I broke my camera on the second day–so I don’t have any pictures. Back then, I primarily took pictures of places, but now I take pictures with people more–it makes them more memorable to me.

    • That’s awful about your camera! They never break at home, do they? Still glad you got to visit! And yeah, I’ve always taken pictures of people because I like to remember who I visit with/silly things we do/etc. But perhaps if I take more pictures of places, it’ll challenge me!

  2. adventure year? girl, more like adventure life! i’d love to go to london someday. but it’s not at the top of my list. is it bad that it’s not at the top b/c their food doesnt interest me much? 😛

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