The Oval in Philadelphia

Now that we’ve finally got a bit of reprieve from the 1000% humidity here in Philadelphia (it’s only supposed to be 74° today!), I think it’s about time to let you know about what’s happening right down my street. Sitting right in front of the famous Art Museum, there’s a parking lot/fountain/traffic circle area that comes together to form Eakins Oval. And until August 18th, it’s been transformed into a “park on the parkway,” thanks to Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

The Oval Philadelphia

Perfect little place to chill out after a long day of BLAH.

Complete with sandboxes, giant game sets, music, and food trucks…this place is an excellent summer spot to relax. And the awesome part is that it’s right near a bunch of places in Philadelphia you’re likely to be if visiting. Art Museum? Well, you couldn’t get much closer. Franklin Institute? Yeah, you’re pretty much right there. If you’re in Old City checking out the historic part, just enjoy the weather and take a quick walk up the parkway. Bam, you’re there.

The Oval Twister

Twister boards included! My coworker actually helped paint all of this!

I’ve only been down there once, but each day there are different themes. And a lot of them try to get the whole family involved! (These are as per the website, so don’t get mad at me if they’re incorrect!)

Tuesdays: Wellness

Wednesdays: Arts & Culture

Thursdays: Environment

Fridays: Food & Flicks (yes! they have outdoor movies!)

Saturdays: Live Music

Sundays: Family Fun Day

The Oval Lights

It closes around 9, but still time to enjoy the pretty lighting!

I had such a great time with some friends enjoying this pop-up beach. We grabbed a bite to eat and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Granted, when we did it, it felt like 106 degrees. So we can pretty much promise it will be great. The food trucks rotate and you’ll likely never go wrong. But just in case, I’ll give you some insight as to the ones I visited. You can always find them in their natural habitats too. My stomach HIGHLY recommends them.

Vernalicious Philadelphia

So nice to their customers and the food didn’t disappoint in the least. Lamb Greek sandwich, yes please! Twitter and Facebook.

Lil Pop Shop

Popsicles are a PERFECT summer treat. I had the Coconut and Hibiscus and swooned. Twitter and Facebook.

So grab some friends, yourself, your coworkers, your family…anybody! And head up to this nifty little space for a great showing of Philadelphia. And let me know, because I’ll just come down with you. 😉

The Oval Beach

I can be your lifeguard on duty! Experience: sitting in this chair.

Have you been to a pop-up park anywhere? I’ll admit, this is my first one! But I like what I see.


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