Book Shelf: The Lost Girls

I don’t just read about travel. I read about everything under the sun, and I like it that way! But because this is steering more in the direction of “travel blog,” I try to keep my book posts at least somewhat travel related. For this book, I don’t think I could have gotten more travel-related. Enter The Lost Girls, by Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett, and Amanda Pressner. That’s right, there’s an Amanda.

The Lost Girls

The tagline reads: Three friends, four continents, one unconventional detour around the world. Basically, all three of the girls are nearing that ancient age of 28 and are feeling smothered by the working/getting married world of New York City. So they decide to go around the world for one year with each other and actually follow through on it. Definitely different from my last book, I was excited to follow their journeys and get a heavy dose of wanderlust.

It’s a sizable book (542 pages). What else would you expect from a year memoir from three different girls? That didn’t bother me at all. More travel reading for me, right? The three go through their ups and downs and discover how to travel with each other. Learning how to balance work and play is a big one, as is learning how to handle a long distance relationship. These two things totally resonated with me because I love looking at relationships between people and I’ll be doing the long distance situation in the coming years.

Eiffel Tower

Heee’s gonna be jeaaaalous. At least he got to go to Paris!

The writing in the book was decent! They had all worked in writing one way or another, so it seemed they had a handle on that. I easily read it in not too much time. One thing that I didn’t like so much is how it all sounded like one person. Each chapter was from a different girl’s perspective, but it all sounded and looked the same. Remember, this is a long book…so that got a tad old and dragging. What happened to the days of names and voices differing, a la Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

Sisterhood Traveling Pants

Yup, I read it before the movie took over the cover.

One final thing: that wanderlust I was yakking on about? I actually didn’t find it in this book, which completely surprises me. There is a period of time that they are volunteering with young girls, and that is the only time I felt an urge of, “I would like to do that!” I’m not sure if it’s because it didn’t focus so much on the place as it did their thoughts and feelings, or what. Perhaps it was because they sped through a lot of destinations and left out some (what I think would be) awesome parts of travel. It was a whirlwind and after I finished reading, I didn’t feel like I had traveled anywhere with them. That bummed me out!

Even though I wasn’t completely satisfied with the read, it definitely got me excited about taking a journey similar to this myself. Maybe I won’t write a book, but I blog for a reason. 😉 In this case, I would have much rather read a blog about the places they went. They started a blog too, though, so I’ll have to do some poking around!

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

Honestly, maybe I was too excited to read this and put it on too high of a pedestal. It just didn’t hit the travel mark for me, and that’s all I wanted!

Have you ever read The Lost Girls? How do you feel about reading travel books? Sometimes I think I might expect beautiful blog posts with gorgeous pictures. Maybe my imagination is the problem. 😉


4 thoughts on “Book Shelf: The Lost Girls

  1. I just finished Wanderlust by Elizabeth Eaves and I thought it was lacking in the contagious wanderlust (ironically!). I think I just found her a little whiny and shallow. You should read “the Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost” by Rachel Friedman. Now that was a fun book.

    • Ooh! I just looked that book up on Goodreads and it looks like it is exactly up my alley. Unfortunately, my library doesn’t have it. So I’ll have to find somebody I can snipe it from. 😉 Thanks for the recommendation!

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