Hello there!

First Time Skydiving

That would be me. Falling from the sky.

My name is Amanda and this here is my blog to keep me sane. I used to blog about healthy living over at Run Principessa, and you can still probably find it if you tried hard enough. Sometimes, though, you need a new start in your life, and that’s where Adventure Year (hopefully Years!) comes in.


Dance team hanging out.

I’m now on my fifth year of schooling at Temple in Philly and I absolutely hate it. I’m studying Exercise and Sport Science (which I LOVE), but I’m just feeling super stuck. Hence the adventure! I would love to head out and travel right now, but the school thing has me tied down. But I’m in Philadelphia. I should be able to find some adventure out of that! And this is where it will be documented.

My buddy.

That handsome fella up there is Paul. He’s one of the lucky ones that graduated on time, so he’s used to the abusive jealousy of the non-grad over here. But he’s always looking for adventure. Or at least always up to adventuring once I won’t shut up about it! Figure you should know who he is, seeing as he’ll pop up in quite a few pictures.

Broad Street Run 2013

Start of the Broad Street Run this year.

I’m a runner that loves food, so hopefully you’ll be seeing some of that pop up on here too! Anything that has to do even remotely with adventure is going to excite me, and therefore I may want to write about it. Aren’t you lucky?

Still want to know more?

You can always check out my doings on my Twitter or my Instagram! Or feel free to contact me using the form below!


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