I Love Blog School

Let us, for a second, pretend that I am Asher Roth. No, I’m not 100% sure who he is either. But he did sing/rap/say that one song called I Love College, am I right? I’m right. Just call me Asher.

That blog post last night was awfully crazy I wish we retweeted it.
In the life of a blogger, man, I wanna make it.
Drink my coffee and check my feed;
All of my blends, they’re all I need.
Wake up at five and pass out at ten;
Go out to eat, then Instagram.
Man I love blog school. And I love writing.
And I love Rita. I love blog school.

Blog School

Can we agree that Blog School’s colors are cherry and white?

If anybody’s down for a music video collab, just say the word. I think I’m onto something here. And I think I’m a joy to work with, so there won’t be that musician drama.

I have a really exciting announcement that might only be exciting to me.

Diving Board Jump

Theme of the day: jumping for joy.

I’m going back to being self hosted! I sat down as part of my homework assignment yesterday and really, truly thought about some goals that I had for this here corner of the interwebs. And guys, they are WAY bigger than I anticipated. And I’ve faced the facts that they just aren’t going to happen with a free WordPress blog. I spent yesterday doing some research on hosting (speaking of: any faves I have to check out?), and as soon as I realized how much it was going to bite my bank account, I had to accept it.

I can use all of the help I can get with this process. I’ve mentioned Rita (aka. the Blog Genie) and her upcoming blog school before. Well, she’s got a scholarship giveaway going on right now. This is great because a) I have absolutely NO excuses and b) I’m totally familiar with begging schools to give me money showing educational institutions how AWESOME I am. If you haven’t realized, you’re smack dab in the middle of my application. 😉

Italy Beach Jumping

Is the jumping picture thing old now? I think I might be running out of pictures…

What would I hope to get out of blog school?

  • I’ve got no organization or method to my madness. I wake up in the morning, try and edit photos, spill out a witty and captivating post, comment on other blogs, tweet, and just pray it all works. I’d like to have my stuff together just a little tiny itty-bitty bit more.
  • I want to make my blog have the perfect balance of professional and personal. I would love help with the professional part. Who better to help me out than The Blog Genie herself, teaching a man (da) to fish? If it looks pretty on top of all that, I’d be a happy blogger!
  • Not going to lie, I’m dreaming that this place will be a place of income, no matter how tiny, to fuel my travel and my passions. It’s not my main goal, but it’s definitely a huge part of it. And I’ll be the first to admit that I am completely lost when it comes to that world.
  • Some of my best friends came about through school. Being in a blog school environment will undoubtedly be a great place to find awesome relationships with other bloggers. I’m all about the relationships!
  • Most of all, I want to have the confidence of a swaggy (it just came out…?) blogger. That’s something that can’t be taught, but the more I learn, the more I think I can actually do this. As my dad says: “It’s all about more tools in your toolbox!”
InMotion Jump

Who was I kidding? I’ll never run out of jumping pictures.

I don’t want to release my dream quite yet, because I’m not ready for that step. But I can promise you it will be exciting, (hopefully!) world-wide, and adventurous as all get out. I’m working out schooling/degrees/projects to help me achieve it. This blog could play such a pivotal role in the success, I’ve gotta shoot for this blog school scholarship too. What’s that quote about dreaming big? Oh yeah. DO IT.


Had to bring my big guns out to go out with a bang. Jumping. Out of a plane. Count it.

P.S. There’s another way to enter it if you want! It’s a Facebook sweepstakes and takes about 23 seconds to enter. Check it out here!

Are you a big dreamer? Are you going to blog school? Most importantly, will you make a music video with me?


A-B-C, Easy as 1-2-3

Gotta tell you, when this song comes on at work everybody in the store is smiling and jamming along. Good way to start the day! I also conveniently have a survey that I found on Brittany’s blog a couple posts ago. I figured we’d have one more day of getting to know each other and then I’d jump into other stuff. Kind of like the second day of school. But way better.

Get to know me time!

A. Attached or Single?

Animal Kingdom

At Animal Kingdom in May for Paul’s graduation trip.

Attached! I’ve got a nice guy on my hands. Our friends sometimes lump us together, though. Which doesn’t fly. So while I’m not single, I’m still an individual. GOT IT? Pet. Peeve.

B. Best Friend?

I’m pretty lame when it comes to best friend records. I have a lot of awesome friends. But no bests in the place. Not even a dog to call my BFF. I guess I could say my three friends from home rank pretty highly on that list because no matter what, we’ve got something to talk about!

Christmas '11

Christmas of 2011 already. Holy Moses.

C. Cake or pie?

Bring on the pie, man. Any flavor. Just bring it on!

D. Day of choice?

This is going to sound crazy, but I would definitely have to say Wednesday. It’s my only day off right now, so I thoroughly enjoy when that day hits every week. Oh, how I long to be somebody who gets excited about a weekend!

E. Essential Item?

Probably my bicycle! It’s my mode of transportation and it saves me tons of money. SEPTA, I’m looking at your fare increase.

F. Favorite color?

Either cerulean or purple. Or both mixed together, I suppose! My favorite color to wear, though, is red. Call it a blonde decision, but I like it quite a bit!

Keep Calm And Dance

Beach vacation with the typical Jersey Shore pinnies. About dance, naturally.

G. Gummy bears or worms?

Sour gummy worms, please!

H. Home town?

A little town that nobody knows unless you’re from the area of PA. Near Dorney Park, you know?

I. Favorite Indulgence?

Just sitting on a couch curled in a blanket and reading all day. Maybe not all day, because I have yet to find a book that holds my attention like that. Except maybe the 7th Harry Potter book. But that’s understood.

J. January or July?

JULY! Bring on the summer sunshine, baby. January may be closer to my birthday, but the activities are just better in July.

Phillies Friends

Phillies games are not in January!

K. Kids?


I wouldn’t have worked at camp if I didn’t like kids!

I like them a fair amount. I like when you can give them back even more. I could play with my cousins all day, though.

L. Life isn’t complete without?

A smile. Easy peasy.

M. Marriage date?

Not a clue, man. Not a clue. Haven’t even remotely gotten there yet, sorry to let you all down!

N. Number of brothers/sisters?

High School Grad

At my sister’s high school graduation.

Just my sister and I standing up to the family name. Good thing we have a couple of male cousins to carry on the last name or something.

O. Oranges or Apples?

Apples are way easier to eat, but they make my ears really itchy. I do fancy a good orange, although I can’t eat them on the go very skillfully.

P. Phobias?

I was going to say I didn’t know if I had any phobias. And then I remembered every single time I give blood or need to get a shot. And then I remembered. Travel immunizations, I can’t wait until the day we meet…

Blood Drive

But I still donate blood and so should you! If you can!

Q. Quotes?

I’m a big fan of quotes. I don’t really use them as inspiration/motivation/etc. But they do have a tendency to get me really excited and fired up about whatever the quote is. Unless it’s a lame quote, I suppose.

R. Reasons to smile?

I’ve got to tell you, sometimes I can’t find them easily either. But one surefire way to get me smiling is to stick me in the sunshine. My mood will improve by 100 fold. Bring on the Vitamin D, baby.

S. Season of choice?

Summer. Easy peasy, lemon squeezey. If I had a perfect world, I would have the seasons of Late Spring, Summer, and Early Fall. And I’d be totally cool with that.

T. Tag 5 People.

Aw man, I’m not going to tag anybody. I actually know a lot of bloggers now, which is awesome. When I first started blogging at Run Principessa and I did something like this I didn’t know ANYBODY. If anybody does do this, let me know!

U. Unknown fact about me?

I used to think that alligators (or crocodiles, I don’t discriminate) lived on my carpet when I was younger. They would crawl out from under my bed when I went to sleep. You’re welcome, Mom and Dad, for all the shouting when I needed something when I was a wee one.

V. Vegetable?

Brussels Sprouts Instagram

My most Instagrammed food of all time. Easily.


W. Worst habit?

Sometimes I get so excited about something somebody said I’ll cut them off. It annoys the crap out of me and I’ve been doing my  best to stop it!

X. Xray or Ultrasound?

Which would I rather? I guess X-ray. I think I had an ultrasound when I was little. But if I have it again, that PROBABLY means I’m pregnant or have stomach issues. I prefer to have neither.

Y. Your favorite food?

The kind that you eat. Seriously though, I can’t answer this question. I love food SO much.

Z. Zodiac sign?

Pisces! I’m on the cusp, so some magazines will say Aquarius. But I always go by Pisces. Chances are, they have a better horoscope. Is that cheating?


A very Pisces picture, I guess! By the water in Naples!

Play along! Pick a letter and answer it for yourself in the comments.

Starting Over

Hello again, lovely blog world! I say again because, while this may be a brand new blog, I am not a brand new blogger. I used to blog over at Run Principessa about eating right, working out, running, and general fitness-y type stuff. Why did I stop? Head over to my dear friend Carly’s post. We’ve got some similar feelings on the subject. Basically, I wanted to start over and make sure this was about ME.

Philadelphia Zoo

Giraffes are my favorite, don’t you know.

And so it shall be! One of the biggest changes from my old blog to my new is that I’m no longer self hosted. It’s definitely a change, but I think I’m doing alright! Maybe a few frustrations because I can’t make this puppy look the way I want it to. However, I’m putting all of my money into funding for my upcoming trips (we’ll get to that later!) and don’t want to spend the money on self-hosting if I’m not really going to stick to this. There might be a time down the road where I make the hop back over, but we’ll get there when we get there.

So what can you expect from me?

Buddakan Philadelphia

Birthday dinner antics at Buddakan.

General silliness, that’s for sure. I really like food, so it’s probable that there will be some food mention on here. Running and dance are huge parts of my life so I probably won’t keep them off of this here blog. Hopefully travel! For now some East Coast hopping, but hopefully more later in the future! I’m a book worm, it’s true. So there will be some mentions of books. My life and my adventures in general, I suppose! I’ll try to keep whining out of it…but we all know how some days can be. I’ll do my best, but I make no promises!

Brigantine Beach, NJ

I’m a beach lover too, did I mention?

Hopefully you stick around!

What’s your favorite thing to do around your hometown?