Dmitri’s in Philadelphia

One of the best ways to adventure while you’re stuck blessed to be able to stay in your city is to check out the food scene. Philadelphia is, of course, no exception to this rule. Although, it’s not one of the cheapest ways…so my last post is disappointed in me! But everyone deserves a little love sometimes. Mine just has to be in the form of delicious Greek food.

Dmitris Philadelphia

We went to 23rd and Pine! Website here.

This post can only be about one location, though I wish I could say more about all of them! Down on Pine street, they have outdoor seating available. Something about outdoor seating automatically rates a place higher on my list. Unfortunately, my boyfriend who is easily plagued by the heat does not agree. So we were stuck inside for this one!

Because this was back in the days of that insane heatwave, we were both in the mood for something light. They brought out a basket of bread to start with, but other than that, we went pretty light. The awesome thing about Dmitri’s is that the plates are easily shareable. It’s a table-wide dining experience for sure. We only got two plates to share, but that even filled us up!

Dmitris Hummus

Hummus plate as big as my head. Definitely more delicious, though!

Dmitris Grilled Octopus

We went out on a limb and tried the grilled octopus! So good. Paul’s shadows: not so good. 😉

Dmitris Shrimp Pil Pil

The Shrimp Pil Pil was by far my favorite! Bring on the garlic!

We decided to pass on dessert because we were both just absolutely craving frozen yogurt. And when a craving arises, it’s never good to ignore it! One awesome thing about Dmitri’s is that it is right on Filter Square and really close to Grey’s Ferry! Both of these are excellent spots to enjoy a post dinner walk. And frozen yogurt…

Filter Square

Beautiful Filter Square fountain.

Filter Square Turtles

Turtle statues in the square!

The Igloo

The Igloo’s frozen yogurt. Good, but doesn’t have Cap’n Crunch. A must for me!

Overall, we both really enjoyed the evening! The food was delicious and left you satisfied, not with that overstuffed and gross feeling. Dmitri’s is in an awesome area too, so it was fun to walk around after! It was a little loud for some people, I suppose. But then just go sit outside. Or you could enjoy it with everybody else. 😉

The one semi-negative about this place we felt was the service. The waitress and hostess just seemed a tad cranky, but it’s no trouble to me. Once you work with people, you understand that sometimes you just get cranky! It’s a smidge confusing when you walk in because there’s not a designated hostess stand, but just smile and ask!

Overall: 3.5/5 Star Rating

I would definitely want to bring a big group back and try more of their dishes!

Have you ever been to a place like this? Or tried octopus? Definitely first-timers here, but it actually tasted wonderful! I loved the salty flavor.

Any frozen yogurt topping musts? Seriously, most of the time I just crave the Cap’n Crunch!


The Oval in Philadelphia

Now that we’ve finally got a bit of reprieve from the 1000% humidity here in Philadelphia (it’s only supposed to be 74° today!), I think it’s about time to let you know about what’s happening right down my street. Sitting right in front of the famous Art Museum, there’s a parking lot/fountain/traffic circle area that comes together to form Eakins Oval. And until August 18th, it’s been transformed into a “park on the parkway,” thanks to Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

The Oval Philadelphia

Perfect little place to chill out after a long day of BLAH.

Complete with sandboxes, giant game sets, music, and food trucks…this place is an excellent summer spot to relax. And the awesome part is that it’s right near a bunch of places in Philadelphia you’re likely to be if visiting. Art Museum? Well, you couldn’t get much closer. Franklin Institute? Yeah, you’re pretty much right there. If you’re in Old City checking out the historic part, just enjoy the weather and take a quick walk up the parkway. Bam, you’re there.

The Oval Twister

Twister boards included! My coworker actually helped paint all of this!

I’ve only been down there once, but each day there are different themes. And a lot of them try to get the whole family involved! (These are as per the website, so don’t get mad at me if they’re incorrect!)

Tuesdays: Wellness

Wednesdays: Arts & Culture

Thursdays: Environment

Fridays: Food & Flicks (yes! they have outdoor movies!)

Saturdays: Live Music

Sundays: Family Fun Day

The Oval Lights

It closes around 9, but still time to enjoy the pretty lighting!

I had such a great time with some friends enjoying this pop-up beach. We grabbed a bite to eat and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Granted, when we did it, it felt like 106 degrees. So we can pretty much promise it will be great. The food trucks rotate and you’ll likely never go wrong. But just in case, I’ll give you some insight as to the ones I visited. You can always find them in their natural habitats too. My stomach HIGHLY recommends them.

Vernalicious Philadelphia

So nice to their customers and the food didn’t disappoint in the least. Lamb Greek sandwich, yes please! Twitter and Facebook.

Lil Pop Shop

Popsicles are a PERFECT summer treat. I had the Coconut and Hibiscus and swooned. Twitter and Facebook.

So grab some friends, yourself, your coworkers, your family…anybody! And head up to this nifty little space for a great showing of Philadelphia. And let me know, because I’ll just come down with you. 😉

The Oval Beach

I can be your lifeguard on duty! Experience: sitting in this chair.

Have you been to a pop-up park anywhere? I’ll admit, this is my first one! But I like what I see.

The Challenge of Photography

All while I was debating whether or not to start another blog, one of the biggest things I was worried about was my photography. Let me tell you, I cannot make a picture look good if I tried. If you’ve read this blog for more than 3 seconds, you know that travel is HUGE on my radar, and I wanted this blog to really reflect that. And for now I would focus on honing my skills in Philadelphia.

Step One: Start taking my camera with me everywhere and just. Take. Pictures!

Philadelphia Alley

Alleyway I thought was pretty. Not as awesome in my picture. But still.

Red Building

I appreciated the color of this building.

Hanging Plants

I thought all of these hanging plants were so cool!

I Wish

This was my absolute favorite. I wish!

Well. I’m all amped up with no clue as to where to go from here. My parents have mentioned a camera being an excellent Christmas present, but I don’t want to get one on the fancier side if I don’t use my camera as it is. That is not something to waste.

That’s where you all imaginary readers come in! Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get better at this photography stuff? I’d love to do the places I visit some sort of justice. Food, sights, people, everything. Any guides or anything like that you would suggest?


Help me out! Pretty please!

How are your photography skills?

Bastille Day in Philadelphia

You know you did the right thing when all weekend you think to yourself, “Why did I ever stop posting on the weekends?” While I did still enjoy my weekend away, that doesn’t mean I didn’t tote my camera around with me! And this Saturday happened to be Bastille Day!

What in the world is Bastille Day?

Technically, it was on Sunday. But on Saturday, the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia housed a celebration. Bastille Day is celebrated in France and is apparently known as La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration), or the 14th of July! It’s all about celebrating the uprising against a not-so-much liked monarchy and happens to coincide with the dates of the Storming of the Bastille. Which, my friends, is not a pastry, but a fortress. Doesn’t mean that pastries weren’t involved.

Why is it in Philadelphia?

That’s a good question, but it’s probably because Philadelphians love an excuse to celebrate. According to Wikipedia (shh, don’t tell my professors), many places around the U.S.A. also celebrate! Plus, we’ve got a pretty cool place to do it.

Philadelphia Bastille Day

Eastern State Penitentiary!

Rain did not hold these celebrators away. The Bearded Ladies, a troop based out of a local theater, entertained the crowd with renditions of Bring Him Home from Les Misérables and Lady Marmelade. They also included a revolutionary song which sounded eerily similar to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. It got the crowd riled up for sure.

French Flag

French flag hung outside being very still in the lack of breeze.

I didn’t have an excellent vantage point, but things really got interesting when Marie Antoinette popped up and (after a few exchanges with the revolutionaries) hollered, “Let them eat Tastykake!” Hundreds of them went flying over the wall and I instantly wanted to catch one. I wasn’t successful, but the want was there.

Bastille Day

Tastykake specks flying through the air. You can see a Marie look-a-like’s pink hair!

Educational sidenote for those who don’t know what a Tastykake is: I’ll copy the description of a Krimpet from their website, because we all know (assume?) that’s what they mean anyway. “Signature moist and fluffy sponge cake is accented with legendary Tastykake butterscotch icing, or infused with a variety of delicious jellies. With a distinctive and unique shape that fits right into your fingertips, each Krimpet is a perfect handheld treat. Tasytykake Krimpets have been considered icons of the brand since their introduction in 1927.”

Yeah, hello signature Philadelphia.

A ton of local restaurants and bars had French specials for the event. I also heard talk of an Antoinette Brunch and a French Trivia Night. Unfortunately, I had work and didn’t have an abundance of time to celebrate. But it was a cool deal nonetheless!

Photography Lessons of the Day

  1. Get a good vantage point or you will get mad at all of the tall people in front of you. DON’T THEY KNOW you need to blog this?
  2. Don’t be camera shy! I went with Paul and a bunch of his business-y friends. I was very shy about pulling out my camera, which is why I don’t have more pictures. That should NOT have happened!

Have you ever celebrated (or heard of!) Bastille Day, in France or otherwise?