I Love Blog School

Let us, for a second, pretend that I am Asher Roth. No, I’m not 100% sure who he is either. But he did sing/rap/say that one song called I Love College, am I right? I’m right. Just call me Asher.

That blog post last night was awfully crazy I wish we retweeted it.
In the life of a blogger, man, I wanna make it.
Drink my coffee and check my feed;
All of my blends, they’re all I need.
Wake up at five and pass out at ten;
Go out to eat, then Instagram.
Man I love blog school. And I love writing.
And I love Rita. I love blog school.

Blog School

Can we agree that Blog School’s colors are cherry and white?

If anybody’s down for a music video collab, just say the word. I think I’m onto something here. And I think I’m a joy to work with, so there won’t be that musician drama.

I have a really exciting announcement that might only be exciting to me.

Diving Board Jump

Theme of the day: jumping for joy.

I’m going back to being self hosted! I sat down as part of my homework assignment yesterday and really, truly thought about some goals that I had for this here corner of the interwebs. And guys, they are WAY bigger than I anticipated. And I’ve faced the facts that they just aren’t going to happen with a free WordPress blog. I spent yesterday doing some research on hosting (speaking of: any faves I have to check out?), and as soon as I realized how much it was going to bite my bank account, I had to accept it.

I can use all of the help I can get with this process. I’ve mentioned Rita (aka. the Blog Genie) and her upcoming blog school before. Well, she’s got a scholarship giveaway going on right now. This is great because a) I have absolutely NO excuses and b) I’m totally familiar with begging schools to give me money showing educational institutions how AWESOME I am. If you haven’t realized, you’re smack dab in the middle of my application. 😉

Italy Beach Jumping

Is the jumping picture thing old now? I think I might be running out of pictures…

What would I hope to get out of blog school?

  • I’ve got no organization or method to my madness. I wake up in the morning, try and edit photos, spill out a witty and captivating post, comment on other blogs, tweet, and just pray it all works. I’d like to have my stuff together just a little tiny itty-bitty bit more.
  • I want to make my blog have the perfect balance of professional and personal. I would love help with the professional part. Who better to help me out than The Blog Genie herself, teaching a man (da) to fish? If it looks pretty on top of all that, I’d be a happy blogger!
  • Not going to lie, I’m dreaming that this place will be a place of income, no matter how tiny, to fuel my travel and my passions. It’s not my main goal, but it’s definitely a huge part of it. And I’ll be the first to admit that I am completely lost when it comes to that world.
  • Some of my best friends came about through school. Being in a blog school environment will undoubtedly be a great place to find awesome relationships with other bloggers. I’m all about the relationships!
  • Most of all, I want to have the confidence of a swaggy (it just came out…?) blogger. That’s something that can’t be taught, but the more I learn, the more I think I can actually do this. As my dad says: “It’s all about more tools in your toolbox!”
InMotion Jump

Who was I kidding? I’ll never run out of jumping pictures.

I don’t want to release my dream quite yet, because I’m not ready for that step. But I can promise you it will be exciting, (hopefully!) world-wide, and adventurous as all get out. I’m working out schooling/degrees/projects to help me achieve it. This blog could play such a pivotal role in the success, I’ve gotta shoot for this blog school scholarship too. What’s that quote about dreaming big? Oh yeah. DO IT.


Had to bring my big guns out to go out with a bang. Jumping. Out of a plane. Count it.

P.S. There’s another way to enter it if you want! It’s a Facebook sweepstakes and takes about 23 seconds to enter. Check it out here!

Are you a big dreamer? Are you going to blog school? Most importantly, will you make a music video with me?


Blog School > Regular School

I’ve gotten into this groove where I wake up around 6, actually get up around 6:30, make my coffee, and then spend some quality time with my blog. It’s been nice because I can really dedicate some time to building my blog the way I want it. This may be a (free) wordpress blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. It just means I don’t have the hugest income in the world and tuition is insane. Honestly, I’m not sure how long I can hold out not jumping ship back to self-hosted. But that’s a story for another time.

In this development time, I’ve been hopping around the world wide web (is it lame to still call it that?) in search of design help, logistical pointers, creativity activities, ANYTHING. When I went self-hosted last time, I hired a designer and someone to switch everything over for me. This time, I’m determined to do it myself for me and to save money.

Better Blog

Some things I’ve found?

  • The SITS Girls: They’ve got a forum and a blog going on that really caught my attention. So many resources and clicks to take you to OTHER places with resources. I’ve spent many a minute on here.
  • Entrepreneurship Life: I read this article about how making money as a freelancer can actually be legit, and my mind took off in a million directions. Very inspirational and makes me want to kick my blog up 1 million notches.
  • The Thinking Closet: More than just a blog resource (even though it’s got an awesome ‘About Page’ guide!), this site is FULL of creativity. And I love it!
  • Skimbaco Lifestyle: Is it more inspiring articles you’re after? Check out this one to remind yourself that you follow your own path. Simple to forget, difficult to remember!
  • Click It Up A Notch: I’ve been trying to get my photography up to par, and this blog is AMAZING. Amazing. My cousin suggested a camera I’m now lusting after, and this blog doesn’t make it any better!

But do you know what’s really just done it for me? Have you heard of the Blog Genie? Perhaps you know her by Rita. Either way, she’s an amazing blog designer and human being in general. And she has a blog school. Enrollment starts on August 13, so check that out! Right now, she’s doing a three-part training series called “Build Your Remarkable Blog” for FREE to get the ball rolling. You know I’m all over that.

The three modules include “Are you blogging in the right niche?“, “The Art of Getting Things Done“, and “Believe You Can.” Only the first is out so far, but I loved it. It’s general enough to help any type of blogger, yet specific enough to actually be helpful. And yes, it comes with homework!

Blog Homework

It held priority over my “real” schoolwork. That’s how you know I care!

It can be tough to sit down and really break down which direction you want a blog to go in. This homework, for me, consisted of a lot of brainstorming and self doubt that I tried to ignore dreaming. But honestly, it solidified my choice to start this new blog from scratch and throw the “old blog” out the window. And anything that solidifies my choice gets an A+ from me! 😉 One of my favorite lessons:

Part of being successful is realizing that you can’t and shouldn’t write your blog for everyone. You’ll simply end up with a watered down version of yourself that isn’t interesting to anyone – you included.

Helllllo, true life!

Also: her e-mail mentioned to be on the lookout for Blog School scholarships. I would (and will!) definitely keep an eye out for that via her Facebook page.

Honestly, I would sing her praises for days. Check it out yourself and see what all the hubbub is about! Even if you’re already an established blogger, it’s always nice to spend some time making sure you’re staying on point for YOU!

Have you dedicated your time to a sort of “blog schooling?” Do you have any resources that should be added to my list? I’ve got a growing list of Photoshop tutorials for my re-design that I don’t know what to do with!