Dmitri’s in Philadelphia

One of the best ways to adventure while you’re stuck blessed to be able to stay in your city is to check out the food scene. Philadelphia is, of course, no exception to this rule. Although, it’s not one of the cheapest ways…so my last post is disappointed in me! But everyone deserves a little love sometimes. Mine just has to be in the form of delicious Greek food.

Dmitris Philadelphia

We went to 23rd and Pine! Website here.

This post can only be about one location, though I wish I could say more about all of them! Down on Pine street, they have outdoor seating available. Something about outdoor seating automatically rates a place higher on my list. Unfortunately, my boyfriend who is easily plagued by the heat does not agree. So we were stuck inside for this one!

Because this was back in the days of that insane heatwave, we were both in the mood for something light. They brought out a basket of bread to start with, but other than that, we went pretty light. The awesome thing about Dmitri’s is that the plates are easily shareable. It’s a table-wide dining experience for sure. We only got two plates to share, but that even filled us up!

Dmitris Hummus

Hummus plate as big as my head. Definitely more delicious, though!

Dmitris Grilled Octopus

We went out on a limb and tried the grilled octopus! So good. Paul’s shadows: not so good. 😉

Dmitris Shrimp Pil Pil

The Shrimp Pil Pil was by far my favorite! Bring on the garlic!

We decided to pass on dessert because we were both just absolutely craving frozen yogurt. And when a craving arises, it’s never good to ignore it! One awesome thing about Dmitri’s is that it is right on Filter Square and really close to Grey’s Ferry! Both of these are excellent spots to enjoy a post dinner walk. And frozen yogurt…

Filter Square

Beautiful Filter Square fountain.

Filter Square Turtles

Turtle statues in the square!

The Igloo

The Igloo’s frozen yogurt. Good, but doesn’t have Cap’n Crunch. A must for me!

Overall, we both really enjoyed the evening! The food was delicious and left you satisfied, not with that overstuffed and gross feeling. Dmitri’s is in an awesome area too, so it was fun to walk around after! It was a little loud for some people, I suppose. But then just go sit outside. Or you could enjoy it with everybody else. 😉

The one semi-negative about this place we felt was the service. The waitress and hostess just seemed a tad cranky, but it’s no trouble to me. Once you work with people, you understand that sometimes you just get cranky! It’s a smidge confusing when you walk in because there’s not a designated hostess stand, but just smile and ask!

Overall: 3.5/5 Star Rating

I would definitely want to bring a big group back and try more of their dishes!

Have you ever been to a place like this? Or tried octopus? Definitely first-timers here, but it actually tasted wonderful! I loved the salty flavor.

Any frozen yogurt topping musts? Seriously, most of the time I just crave the Cap’n Crunch!